Due to the fact that we cover longer distances, more counties than most other companies, distance/time/requirements will obviously have a different affect on pricing. Therefore, should you require a quotation please contact us by telephone 01702 296001 or email: lizcoolclassiccars@gmail.com

Please note that although these days there are no real set rules on what, how and where you have your wedding we believe that there are two main types of weddings:-

  1. Picking the Bride/Groom, up, taking to the service location and then onto a reception venue with photos at all locations.

  2. Picking up the Bride/Groom, taking to a venue where the service and reception are both held, the car waiting for photos following the service and, if required, a short drive so that both Bride and Groom have a little time together to share the experience of the wedding vehicle.


It is anticipated that in both cases that from the time of first pick up and the vehicle leaving would be no more than 3½ hours. However, should you require the vehicle longer please let us know as this may incur a small additional charge.